Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hello, well this is just a little post to say that it may be a little while before I can get back to regular posting as I am moving and my internet is off, so I will have to wait awhile, but it is also to say that I am still in Nova Scotia and having a great time, although I have yet to see all my friends the days are slipping by way too fast and the memories are really enough to make me really want to stay
My friend Jenn Margeson got married on Saturday she was really the first one of the "girls" to take the plunge and it was amazing to be a part of such an experience the ceremony was beautiful and with her and her husband being so involved in the church and community it was crazy to see all the support and love they received from everyone all around them, they are such great people and really deserved the day, plus as an added bonus (Jenn says she has connections...) the weather was unbelievablely nice, warm, sunny and all around beautiful which was like a rose in a sea of weeds as far as  the rest of the week went weather wise..
anyways I am at Jenn Millers (not the jenn that got married that was Margeson....confused yet??) and should go visit with her little man gregory he is supposed to be sleeping but again in true Nanci Sloan fashion I must hog the baby(he woke up it Really wasn't my fault....  will write as soon as I can and will relay my wonderful holiday in fuller details....

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