Friday, September 24, 2004

wow i didn't think i would miss this awsome fall tv lineup as much as I am.... okay so I knew I would but really I try to make myself feel good like I work nights I am making money yada yada yada still I want to watch my shows.... I want to have things to treat myself with, not sure where that stems from if anywhere but most of the time I can't do anything without thinking what sort of reward I will give myself for doing right now I did one full hour of Art History so I am rewarded with .....Computer Time!!!! T.V time makes me more happy but I guess this will have to do, If i didn't have the good cable that reshows some of the greats on the weekend I don't know what I would do...i know not worth the money during the week but on Saturday I can watch Survivor and then sundays its the Amazing Race 5 and Jack and Bobby.
Speaking of Jack and Bobby has anyone caught this show? It is great a real suck ya in kindof of WB drama, love it, it is filmed half in the present 2004 and half in the future 2040 when one of the brothers (jack or bobby) has become president of the United States, it is great a real tear jerker (kinof like Party of Five when every episode give you a little tear moment) so check this one out....
until then......
If you were a migrating bird where would you go for the winter???


Anonymous said...

i was beginning to think you weren't going to be back. i missed you. I have been enjoying too much TV. When will the CSI's end? But i love them. Alas Amazing Race is over. Whatever will i do with my Tuesday nights? Still haven't seen that Jack and Bobby show, but I'll keep an eye out. And in answer to your question... I'd go to Belize. It just sounds pretty there. (And as a bird I wouldn't be scared of those rainforest spiders, except for the really big ones, cause I would be a really dainty bird.) Toodles, Trix

Jenn said...

I don't watch any TV either... no cable has now become our lifestyle. Although I can catch survivor and teh apprentice. yipeee.
As far as whereI would go, Bali Indonisia. I saw an episode of lonley plaent and it looked liek a great place to migrate!!
Where would you go tan??

Amy said...

Yeah no fair asking us you gotta cough it up too, Tanya.
I would go to an island in the South Pacific. Not sure what island because honestly i dont even know where the south pacific is exactly located but doesnt it sound nice.
I am loving the fall lineup! I will post as much as I can about it for you gals. Tonight is beloved CSI Miami. I have to say I am getting only a smidge annoyed by Alex the Medical Examiner rubbing her boobs all over the dead bodies and saying, "They took you too soon, sweatheart". But only a smidge. I still have a total champ-on for that show.
Have a great night/day!