Thursday, June 15, 2006

3 Months Old

Wow ,
I don't know where the time has gone but the little bambino is going to be 3 months in two days.. he is growing more delightful everyday, mostly because he sleeps through the night and now rambles on with little squeeky sounds and "talks" to me when we are driving or hanging out, he also smiles and likes to stand on his chunky legs and swings around like a monkey..
He has pooped on me, peed on me and spit up on me numerous times and yet I still love him:) that must be some sort of test for new parents....
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suzy said...

Wow he has gotten so big..he is a little man now..

Jenn said...

I can not believe how big he is already... time does fly. He is adorable beautiful and handsome all rolled into one.
Glad to hear the test of parenthood is keeping you full of humour.
Love you both and a great pic tan.