Tuesday, March 30, 2004

So here it is the first entry of ...iknowthismuchistrue chosen mostly because of all the things that go on in life i know that this..what i will say and feel and write will be true,( well mostly i mean i may have to add a little so i don't sound too boring, or anything.....) I hope this to be about my life how i feel about things and what evokes feeling from me, and not stealing amy's blog thunder...( it really just sounded like a fun idea :) it is hard to follow in the footsteps of a good writer (props aim) so nevermind the mistakes, spelling errors and mostly the change it up writing style or the .....'s as i use them alot...often too much.( i just noticed i use brackets a lot too....hmm i guess i am a side line thinker??) I know sometimes this will be just daily activities but it has been proven that those too can be interesting and that way i will remember every life experience not just the really great....or really bad ones.
Right now i am listening to Styx "Too much time on my hands" and enjoying the sing along, dance along feeling it gives me, which as you all know really doesn't take much because I think most of the injuries that i have received over the years had to do with dancing ( mostly alone in my room...you know to reallly work on the moves) so i could break them out at parties and they would look professional... ha ha wow first blog and i am admiting so much.....
It was 25 degrees today, orginally when i woke up it said 22 and that was good enough, but then it went up so not to rub it in or anything but it is still march and i wore capris and a tanktop today.......and i was yes....a little warm
I should go it is late and i am gloating....happy reading

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