Thursday, April 01, 2004

Well today was tres boring to say the least, I got up went for my walk/jog (more walk than jog but it feels good to put it in there) and then went to work.... oh did i mention it was zero degrees today.. yup just like that my gloating was turned into freezing-wintercoatwearing-mittensrequired-grossweather.... it totally wasn't fair, although secretly i wasn't really upset because my pale legs would blind you and I am not at all prepared for bathingsuit weather, as my body is still in hibernation mode....but still it was nice to say that i could wear shorts if i wanted to...
I just got finished watching the Britney Spears movie.. Crossroads ahhh what total utter cheese, which of course is my favorite I mean my idea of a good relaxing no brain movie is the new Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen flick i don't know what it is but i get such great fashion ideas from that crazy twosome and they are so....okay okay i am admitting too much, i mean i only watch them when i really don't want to have to think, and i know i won't cry, and i don't even have to use energy to laugh, it is all really a lazy day sort-of thing (anna i know you agree......right???)
So work tonight was really non-eventful I didn't even get told off... which sad to say is a normal thing in these parts apparently the 18year olds here don't think that they need their i.d. once they have had the big birthday, they feel that they just give off this 18year old vibe i am supposed to catch on to, and maybe if i was 18 i would "feel it" but well i don't so i ask for proof and they scoff (the girl thing, "like I am so old enough ....") and/or they curse (the guy thing," holy s@#$ i turned 18 like 3 freaking months ago lady....) yup they call me lady....but then turn around and say " i am probably older than you" ( umm yeah okay) which is really okay with me because at 25 it is not my dream or goal to work in this liquor store and it is nice they think i still have time to get out...
well not much else going on, I bought part 3 today of my three part trip to Nova Scotia, it was on sale so i got the ticket coming home from Nova Scotia, yet to buy the ticket there so wish me luck, i may have to teleport there just to use the ticket to come home..hmmmm never actually thought of that when i bought it, oh well i will keep you updated..until then
happy reading

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