Saturday, April 17, 2004

Hello there, well i thought it might be a while before my next blog so I borrowed Suzies computer so I wouldn't have to leave you all waiting ( I know you are all so happy I did this) yeah my computer is messed up, we are networked together which makes no sense to me how here I am on hers and mine is not working but whatever i will leave that to the computer gods to figure out..

So Wow, it is so crazy here tonight, by here I mean Calgary and not my house since it is quiet and not much is really going on, but In Calgary holy smokies Hockey is in the air, it is nuts, i actually really like living in a hockey city, people have painted their cars red, faces red, dogs red with flaming C's and while this seems unfair it is really kindof funny to see ( and how i mentioned painting the cars red, did i also mention how rich this city is so these cars are not junkers or clunkers, i actually saw a spraypainted dodge durango painted yesterday....come on people it is only a game...gasp just kidding really..)

so an old lady threatened my life at work three days ago, i said (jokingly really....) " I hope Vancouver wins.." ( they are in my Hockey pool) and the lady freaked I mean FREAKED she swore at me and ask me if i wanted a punch in the face...ummmm let me think..NO!!! okay so she was wearing a jersey and her hair was kindof pink( i think it was supposed to be red, but i didn't dare mention how un-red it looked) and she was carrying a flag but really how was i supposed to know she was a crazy lady...ssshesh....yeah it was nuts and really made me realize this whole Hockey thing means a lot to people and while it was a scary and totally uncalled for moment it was interesting to see this side of Canada and i feel like i may have missed out on a lot of fun hockey traditions in the past...

Oh so i bought my weekly trash magazine and i must say it is great, I can't believe i Used to only purchase People, or readers digest i mean when there is such utter trash to be had i was wasting my time reading actually i do live a sheltered life..yep now i am "In Touch"...i mean check out this headline..(a picture of john cusack walking...) looks like some one went from "say anything to anything"...ha ha ha okay people so he gained some weight leave him alone...i thought that was great ...I will leave off with that bit of celebrity news i know you are all better for now knowing john has a little snack habit....(it isn't fair they put his picture next to someone like laura flynn-boyle i mean...)

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