Monday, April 26, 2004

Hello, well there goes another week(end), I don't know what has gotten into me lately or out of me for that matter, I am feeling down and haven't really felt like bloggering ( i make up words can you tell??) or doing too much of anything. I know really exciting way to lure you into my blog world...

I think the closer i get to seeing my friends and family the more i just want it to hurry up already, i keep thinking of all these fun things to do and see that it is making me this depressed monster that is continuing to live in the past, it is strange when you are in highschool or junior high you can't wait to grow up.. well for most people ,for me i wish i could live in that time forever, and it makes me sad to go through or watch people evolve and change, i want my friends to live 5 minutes away, i want my parents to live upstairs from me, i want my sister to share a basement and i want to be able to throw parties every weekend, i want to go to monthly dances, i want to watch free movies at me me i know kindof boring, but see now you understand why i can't wait until july... ( i think it might have to do a lot with the fact that i don't really like Calgary all that much and i am hoping for more in Edmonton) plus i am happy for things i have now that i never knew then ,but still i am an in the past dweller and it is hard to move on from the fun times in your life, but like mcmillan says....every cloud has a silver lining..( i tried to tell her she wasn't the first to say it but .... ha ha) i guess i should head out i have some silver to discover.... ( i will write happy thoughts tomorrow i promise....)

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