Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Okay so i took a mini blog vacation, not because i couldn't find things to write about....I always have something to say, but more because I was tres busy with spring cleaning!! I washed and disinfected the entire kitchen and then the bedroom, and last but not least the bathroom, plus i had to work lots this weekend ( easter means nothing to Calgarians looking for booze) so that is why i was away from my little nook at my desk

I opened my eyes this morning and you know how you can tell the difference right away between sunny, raining, foggy, etc... well I got the impression that it was sunny but my super sun radar sensed something wrong, it was sunny but in a glaring off snow sort of way....NO WAY i thought but.....YES WAY ( it snowed) after all the above mentioned "spring cleaning" that is sooooo not right, so now after completly reorganizing my closest i have to dig out winter cold weather don't want to wear you anymore clothes ( I hope no Calgary peps read this blog because just for putting away the winter clothes I am sure i would be solely blamed for the snow!!! hee hee)

So my easter was pretty non eventful to say the least, Mark and I went out for supper on saturday night, and then we were supposed to go to a movie, but he mentioned how he feels he no longer knows me as well because he is away so much (gone again this morning) and we watch so many movies (no time for real talkie talkie) so he asked if i would like to go to pub and talk and play pool etc....well what a great night he was right we talked for like 6 hours , laughed, and played pool.. it was great and nice of him to suggest so although it wasn't a big easter feast it was a nice family moment.....aaawwww

I just got a phone call from Canada Post regarding Tracy's birthday present ( it was lost for like 2days way back in march) they said they would call me when they had news on it otherwise i would get a check for the money.. welll hmm a month later do you think they are calling to tell me that it is lost forever ( i called the lady back but she is away from her desk) it is pretty funny Tracy has been enjoying her gift for like a month...and now they are calling to discuss it...strange

well i guess i should go, amy got her comments back but i am still unable to get them ( the template is really scary, i am afraid i will enter something wrong and end up with a wierd message on my blog) and i don't know how to link blogs... so back to drawing board as they say (who's they???)
Happy Reading....

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