Friday, April 02, 2004

So today was pretty cool, it started off the same as usual but then I went to a free outdoor concert, it was pretty cool, it was Avril Lavigne she is on this mall tour where she goes to towns and puts on acoustic sessions for the crowd, I must say I was rocking along with the preteens and singing a little "Skater Boy"...oh and did i mention it was free.. yeah so the price was right for a little afternoon entertainment..
Then i stopped by the mall and picked up a few DvD's i think i really have a problem and i have to stop the movie buying but i just can't help it, it is like a sick addiction...i see these movies and they call to me..."oh Tanya we could be on your shelf and added to your collection in a matter of minutes....." so you see i can't really help it, it is beyond my control... I must say i was reading amy's blog today and i laughed so loud at the CSI observation, it was perfect, i mean Mr. David is sooooo great at telling us all what we know but making it sound so important and deep, you feel like Joey off of Blossom like Yeah.... or Keanu for that is pretty cool too that Rory Cochrane (speed on csi) plays slater in Dazed and Confused ( a movie i picked up today...)it took about three episodes to place that one but my movie trivia brain kicked in...
So update on my journey home this summer I have offically booked part One ( Calgary to Windsor to see the rents) and part two (Hamilton to Halifax... a stopover at Tracys) and of course the part three i got yesterday (Halifax to Calgary....although i move to Edmonton a meer three days later) Well it is late and my thoughts are scattered so i will try to write earlier tomorrow for a more coherent blog....until then Happy Reading

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