Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hi, well today is a crappy day, and really I mean that in all forms of the word (well the bad kind not really the poopy kind..) It is snowing out and this is adding to the 10cm we already have down,it has been snowing all weekend but it was not worth the blog since the sun was so fantastic that it just melted the icky snow as soon as it hit the ground, but alas beautiful sun disappeared yesterday and the snow hit us and did not go away, so now every little bit of it latches on the the rest and they are clearly enjoying ruining my spring mood out there...

Plus Mark is maybe getting laid off, he doesn't know but that is the "vibe" at work, so he is stressed to the max which means I am stressed to the max, he doesn't want to talk about it (I get yelled at when i try to reason with him) and yet he whines and complains so I have to talk about it to save my sanity...grrrr

I don't know if I got into school yet, and yes I did call them to inquire three times in the last two days I mean now there is a chance I won't get in due to my annoying the entire education faCULTy a cult that won't tell me if i got in or not, in my personal opinion I just don't understand how it can take 3 months to decide if i am worthy or not, it is based soley on grades I can't even write an essay to sell myself...and if i didn't get in i do not have a backup plan...double grrr

okay so that is the summary of my crappy day, on too laundry... I know I know FUN!!!
endnote; Rob started a blog..check it out.. Rob's Blog and I just realized there is a spellchecker on this thing, but isn't it more fun reading real Tanya spelling...ha ha posse out..

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