Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hi all, well this post is brought you by the number 10 and the letter D,
D would be for Dumb which is me when it comes to money, I am not sure if you are supposed to get better as you age, but 10 would be for the times I have screwed up with money, actually the number should be in the hundreds but if i tell too much i may sound really dumb and well who wants that, I am not sure why I continue to be plagued with money issues, I can't really call them problems because that would mean I actually besides this blog, pay attention to the issues (i don't) i sortof like to ignore anything that has to do with bills, and payments and credit until something goes wrong and then i am all like "what happened??" I mean I have okay credit, I pay my bills or rather give money to my roommates and they pay the bills and my payments are in the bank for the taking but the real issue is spending....(should be in bold) I can't stop spending Mark actually sat me down yesterday and if you knew marks money "issues" this would be a shock and asked me to make sure I don't rack up my credit cards while on vacation as I have no job upon returning....I listened ...kindof I mean if i see a drop dead nova scotia memory spiking article i might have to just pick it up....I bought a digital camera last week online (another issue i mean online shopping has to be the easiest way to spend my precious money)and I am waiting for it to come, I also went to old Navy and bought a new shirt, bought all of marks birthday presents, groceries and the issue with this....i don't have money i don't get paid till next week...gggrrrrr I know boring to listen to someones little money probs when others have none or little(m money i mean, not no problems I am guessing everyone has some sort of issue!!) I just need to work harder at saving, and spending less....easy right??? see now i am feeling a little stressed and nothing really helps but a trip to walley world....

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