Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yup Mark, Suzy and I went to see the acclaimed documentary last night and let me tell you there are no McDonald's cravings on this front. This movie was WOWIE a total eyeopener and although a lot of the information was known and expected it was still startling to see it all put out there for interpretation, the world is getting fat people and it was crazy to see that one in every four people in some states in the U.S are deadly obese, it is the second most preventable death in the U.S this only to smoking and is quickly becoming number one, I mean that is a wow... it really shocked me or maybe disturbed is the word when it showed the children, I think this is because I have really noticed in the past while with the different children I encounter that food is such a big part of behaviour discipline and I don't think enough is being done to curb there hunger for fast,fried,addictive food.... you watch t.v you see the characters that are associated with fun and excitement oh and a little unhealthy fat thrown in there for good measure,then you want to go to check it out, get the toy play at the indoor playground etc... I am not saying that I don't eat fast food and that I don't use the excuse myself that some fast food seems cheaper than buying good healthy groceries especially if you are eating for just a small family, the fruit,veggies go bad etc.(if you don't eat them, but who will think that when given the choice unless they have made the decision to be healthy and that is something to be proud of i tell ya) but really this film displayed what is happening even if it is only a small amount in comparison to the extreme test the director took. Your liver is being pickled slowly, your heart is working overtime, your body, moods and adult functions are working at a slower and more fluctuating rate.. it was crazy!!
And also really funny, I mean if you add Mc infront of anything it just gets a little funnier, the guy Malcolm explains what happens when you eat a full McDonald's meal and although everyone goes through it (or at least I know I do)you still seem to forget the after effects when you go back for more...

1. Mcstomach ache
2. Mcsweats (you want to finish the fries...)
3. McCramps (your belly is angry)
4. McGrossout ( you think about the food you just consumed and you are a little grossed out
5. McBathroom Trip... well for some, it just doesn't agree with the ol' body but next week you still will try it again!!
Anyways this was a great movie and I recommend it, it is informative, funny and really tells you about what is in a chicken nugget, I think it means the old ones but I am still not sure I want to test them to find out..

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