Saturday, August 28, 2004

Okay so now that I have that off my chest, I really must get back to the present and the fact that I promised alot of friends that I would eeekkkk change, and try to enjoy my surroundings I have made this choice to move to Calgary the last time I checked nobody was holding a gun to my head to stay here, so I must start to enjoy this place and what it has to offer. On July 30th Mark and I went to Banff and we rented a canoe and we paddled around some really pretty lakes and inlets and things, it was stunning a really nice hot day, and the glacier water was so clear like a blown glass lake (since there were ripples). Then we all (cory and suzie were with us, in banff not the canoe..) went out for supper and had a really nice time. So I think on my behalf that was a really good start to my newfound appreciation of this province....don't you?? I will post a few pics to mark the occasion.

Oh yeah I am also going to start posting little points to ponder at the end of my blogs just to get the ol' mind tickled so feel free to comment on them!
-If you could be one inch tall for a day where would you choose to explore??

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