Sunday, October 24, 2004

I feel like a new woman I feel like Ashley Simpson, or Nicky Hilton or Mary-Kate Olsen I feel different and strange, I feel pretty oh so pretty and witty and..... wow where was that going?? I am feeling all of these things because late last night (well early this morning) I dyed my hair!!!! BROWN! yikes I have lived my entire life as a blonde I am blonde I am the discription of blonde I relate to the jokes (when I understand them... ha ha ) and I always liked my blonde locks, so why the change..... I don't know exactly I just really wanted something new and fun and wintery so i went for the brown, actually the color was titled (suede.....) so here have a look and let me know what you think..... the after picture needs more light...or gasp maybe that is just the dark brown look??? yikes.

Okay so a closer look shows the after to be really dark and ignore the fact I am pushing my chest together..... wierd

later T


Jenn said...

you look fantastic my fellow brown haired gal. Aren't we trendy! Do take more pics as i love to see you as often as possible.
Love jenn

Amy said...

Looks totally great Tan. Prob'ly even more fetching with your glasses! Like a hot teach!