Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I haven't been able to log on to blogger in like a week very frustrating I had so many things to write about.... has anyone had this problem???

Anyways so Jenn Miller and Colin got married on Saturday and although I couldn't make it because of expense I wanted to wish them the best of luck and as soon as I get pics I will post some, I heard it was beautiful and I am sure Jenn looked radiant CONGRATULATIONS guys!

On sunday I did the Famous5 5 km run it was to support the famous 5 women in Canadian history who got us as women the opportunity to vote, be part of congress and to be seen as "persons" under the law. It was great really cold out here infact we ran in the snow.... but we made it ( I ran with Dora my friend from work, who has since left work for better opportunities) and our time was okay too, we made it in 40 minutes 18 seconds so I was pretty impressed with us, then they served this lovely buffet with rich yummy food ( rich as in it costs like 10 grand every 6 months to join the womens club we ran with) then we sat in velvety chairs eating with fine china and stemware that was shiny and thick ,all very regal.... they had all sorts of important Calgarian women talk about women and how we are the future of tomorrow we had to say a pledge and everything it all felt so very impowering...

so all in all a great weekend although my legs still ache from the run ( does this mean I am out of shape???) it was lots of fun and I am no longer afraid of running in large groups [Boston marathon here i come.....] since we did finish in the top half... yah!!

well thats all folks for now anyway......

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Amy said...

Wow, Tan, sounds like a great evening you had! And good for you for doing the marathon. Cool that you were in the top half, you little runner, you.
have a good one.