Tuesday, November 23, 2004

HHHHERES................Tanny, I'm back.... hope you all missed me as much as I missed writing to y'all

I wasn't really lost, as some of you know [the ones who got crazy trying to write a paper breakdown phonecalls] I was just a little "busy" or trying to find things to take up my time so I wouldn't have to write the papers...thankyou sis, miller, mcmillan, bev, etc etc.. your efforts in this stalling process were greatly appreciated... I had to write not one but two term papers that were...gasp due the same day!! ekkk boo hiss, not a happy camper but alas I have handed them in they are out of my hands I am a free woman, I am....ha ha ha trying to waste time so I don't have to do my Astronomy assignment, what I didn't mention that at the beginning...tee hee

well before I go, even though i feel like I haven't left this dang computer in like a week I did get to do some fun stuff as well, I got to see Miss Bev Baker she came to see me on sunday, and it was so much fun we just went to the mall, but we didn't shop just sat and talked and caught up and laughed... a lot it was great and I really felt like no time had changed, we giggled at the memories of our downtown trips and we got teary at the loss of churchill downs (thanks mom and dad:( it was awsome!!

I also went to the Glenbow museum for an exhibit on the famous sculptor Rodin, and that my friends was really great as well, I went to the the Terrific Tuesday Talk Lecture on him and then walked around the exhibit wow, I wish i wasn't so tired I would love to really tell some interesting tidbits about his work but I will save that for another day...

it won't be too long I promise!!!


Jenn said...

Well ahhhhhhhh is teh word a sigh of relief that you are back into teh blogger world. We missed you you know. I hope everything is going well I miis you still and will call to talk in the future. keep eyes peeled for a letter!!
I am sending you some pics to but these are soem of greg and other stuff, I have to get the negatives back from the photographer so I can make copies of wedding stuff. That should be before xmas I hope. oh yeah this is a comment so umm bye!

Amy said...

Too long since you last posted Tan! What are you, busy with exams or something? Hee heh.
looking so forward to seeing you at Christmas NEXT WEEK.