Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas Came Early---

Yah!! I got to open up presents last night which although very nice and fun still made me a little sad, I mean that is less presents on the actually day!! greedy greedy gumdrops...
And it was only because Mark is leaving today for a week away (sigh) and I leave on monday (silent cheer) for ten days away thus they overlap (tear) and so we had christmas last night, in between my studying for finals and having mild meltdowns.. which i can only guess is no fun for him...

But.. I got lots of nice things well one really big present.... an exercise machine, and i know what a lot of you are thinking that people always get those and never use them but let me tell you all you need is a man who threatens abuse (on the machine) if i don't get on the thing at least once a day... which i am hoping in few weeks can turn into four times a week but for now every day it is... I also got a yummy for my tootsies foot spa that gurggles and burps and vibrates and makes my little toes happy, which was strange last night because my feet were so relaxed and my brain was ssoooo high strung, wierd sensation. Mark enjoyed all of his presents he just kept saying over and over "oh bud all of these are for me...." with little hidden smiles and young boy anticipation in his voice.. very cute, he got a tent and a toolbox and a monster flashlight that is good for anything ( plus it makes me feel safe with that fear of mine eekkk) and a wool jacket and well some more stuff that is all open and played with so all in all it was a fun night

I had all the christmas lights on and i served a lovely chicken and veggie dinner with gravy and rolls and yummy spiced pepsi (good if you haven't yet tried it) and I almost got the christmas music on but i think that was all a little too much so i had to settle for my own rendition of little drummer boy... ha ha it was awful..

Now it is back to reality and that of my final exams and trying to get some good grades while fighting off the excitement of seeing my family and hopefully some snow (it started in september here but of course is gone for the actual season...grrr)
So talk to you all soon and this time i may actually keep my no long breaks promise as my life actually has some stuff happening... until now it was just work and work and school and work but as of monday I was done and now onto relaxation... (well after the finals on saturday anyway)

Merry early Christmas to me!!!!

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