Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hello well here I am in Ontario, Ive been here two days and I must admit I am settling in to the little girl mode quite nicely or at least that is how I feel as soon as I step through my parents door, not in a bad way I mean anything that sort of makes me forget the real world the bills on my fridge the groceries i have to buy the laundry in a pile on the floor when I left which will surely be there when I return since Mark is now settling in to his bachelor hood quite nicely, I asked him what he had for dinner last night... his reply "beer" hhhmmmm doesn't seem to miss me much!!

Anyways just thought I would write a little about Christmas and how strange it feels to be in this yuummy time warp, can't wait to give everyone my presents....then the stress will be over and I can relax into Turkey mode...

I'll write more later off to the Grandparents house for some cleaning and visiting and hey maybe even some cheek pinching....

later T


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