Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hi there well I guess I have been taking some blogger breaks lately which I wish was the fault of having nothing to write about, but really I am quite the opposite kindof of girl. It is like when I have all this stuff going on I can't seem to break down the pivotal moments to write about or decide which of the many new things are blog worthy, so I guess I will just give a little list of the things that have been happening lately.
-went to Chatham for Christmas, it was great got way too much stuff, and felt wonderfully spoiled and all that good stuff.
-went to haggersville (sp?) for Christmas eve where I got to spend the night with cousins and aunts and uncles that I honestly can't remember the last time we all were together (well they are every year but I was always in NS) it was great we sang Christmas Carols and laughed and took pictures and got all caught up with everyone's own busy lives.
-spent a quiet new years in Calgary went out for supper with Mark, Cory and Suzy it was pretty good didn't really have much money and the restaurants around here all close early so the staff can have a good new years too so that meant that we had to eat in like one hour...and well that is no fun. but the rest of the night was pretty good, drank some wine and hung out.
-Got this wicked flu that had me bed ridden for like four days, with a headache and runny nose and sinus pain and an entire season of the O.C to watch thanks to McMillan....:) which didn't turn out that bad...
-Started school for the winter semester, which after only a week has me entirely overwhelmed and again questioning these decisions I continue to make.....
-Got a new job, at Safeway the grocery store, I don't make much and yet it is stressing me out and I don't think the two should ever really go together..... But it is a job and I think Mark is pretty tired of trying to pay for both of us.....
-And that brings us to today, Sunday ... A day I am trying to devote to homework, I am taking this math class that is so interesting but I wish I could take it and not need the mark because it is challenging and makes you take your views about the outside world and add a little math to it all, my friend Steve would surely embrace this thought, actually he probably already thinks that way...
A little question we did in class to get you thinking...
Four people are crossing a bridge (to point B) get across two people must always go together with a flashlight, but to get the flashlight back (to point A) for the other two , one may take it back, each of the four has a different time it will take them, and when two go together it always takes them the longest time of the two going.
John 1
Paul 2
George 5
Ringo 10

(for example if George and ringo go together it will take 10 minutes because that is the longer time, and then if just George runs the flashlight back leaving ringo it will take George 5 minutes because that is his time and he is alone going back)

So question is how long will it take to get the four of them across......think of the best way!!!

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