Thursday, December 16, 2004

Tried this very exciting new toothpaste today that is so refreshing I just have to share it with you sit back and open wide and imagine this......

As you begin to brush, the bold stripes transform into micro-active foam, releasing thousands of bacteria (that kind that gives you nasty breath) killing bubbles that shower your whole mouth- teeth, gums and breath. Its dynamic foaming action seeks out hard to reach places-even the back of your tongue-fighting the the sources of bad breath and tooth decay. It rinses leaving your teeth feeling clean and smooth. Your whole mouth is energized with an icy cool, sparkling feeling that lasts long after you finish brushing. It also gently brightens and whitens your teeth..... sound good??

Well now is your chance you too can have this feeling, just run (don't walk) to your local grocer and pick up AquaFresh Extreme Clean EmpowerMint... it is really that good (but kindof strong and tastes a little like the yellow listerine.....)

later T

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