Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, on the cold front I am finally starting to feel a little better, still have the aches and chills and then in the middle of the night random heat flashes....but yet feel a lot better in comparison thanks for all the concern you guys, making me feel loved in an otherwise lonely time right now! but i have heard a rumor that Mark is coming home on saturday so that might soon change..yippee

Wrote an essay for school this week that I am strangely proud of, strange only because it was last minute (of course because i was sick and not due to my procrastination problems) it was about censorship and the banning of books. Not sure if you know about James and the Giant Peach it is a great book that was made into an equally good movie in 95' well this little book written by Roald Dahl (of Charlie and Chocolate Factory Glory) is so great it is about this little boy who loses his parents but then has magical things enter his life, he meets life size insect friends and they go on a journey to New York, well I always thought this book was great but apparently it has been banned yearly since its release in 1961 by parents who don't like the word ass and the fact that James has to disobey his aunts in order to escape on his journey. This all makes me so sad they never stop to think about children and how differently they look at books I read reviews by young kids and they made comments about how great the adventures are, how friendship is so important and how magical the giant peach idea is.... a review by a parent says the book devalues life and gives kids false expectations... I am curious does the same parent remember reading books and thinking that all of these things are really going to happen, when Bambis' mom dies and yet it shows us nothing is that taking away the value of her life or wait is it a false expectation to have a talking fawn?? aaahhhh it all makes me so angry I am on a quest here to be a teacher and to show children this endless bounty of imagination, people complain that kids these days want to watch movies more than read so why restrict them in such fashion, don't stand idle but why not let them read the stories and then discuss them.... thoughts??

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Anonymous said...

You sound so passionate. I love it. I thought the book rocked too. And all those books are just so great for kids cause they are all about imagination and friendships and unlimited potential. Parents and adults who can't see that, are just close-minded dolts. I can't wait for you to be a teacher and share all the great books you enjoyed as a kid with your students. Take care. love Trace