Sunday, February 13, 2005

I have to work in less than an hour, I walk 15 minutes to the bus stop, I get on ride for 20 minutes and then walk 10 minutes to work so needless to say I have to leave right about now.... the problem....? there is a blizzard outside that has completely cut off any visablility.... I don't want to go, I am now whining like a small child that has to watch as their favourite toy rolls off the sidewalk and into the nearest storm drain.....why why why must i force myself to go.... and did i mention I am sick very sick in the throat, coughing, hacking, runny drippy nose kinda way..... wow now the wind is blowing the garbage that i have on my deck all around....


Amy said...

Hey lady,
sorry to hear you are sick! Trace was saying you were pretty ill with a bad bad cold. You should get to docs maybe you need antibiotics?
Take care.

Amy said...

How are you feeling now, Tan? Better?