Friday, March 18, 2005

So since my last post I have had a few question about # 22 and #17 since I said she didn't dye her hair until age 20 but then in grade 9 came home with red hair so I thought I would clear this up.... no she was not 20 in grade 9 and no I didn't lie... she used a curling iron in Paris without the proper adaptor and burnt....yep BURNT her hair into crazy fire engine red (well i think the red hair in our genes added to it as well but...)
so that is you may all rest easy
I'll blog later I gotta get some sleep


Jenn said...

tanya your lists are always full of smiles....... I noticed I was n't on your link list anymore( frown) 'i hope that maybe it was just a mishap!!! I like being on your list. tee hee just kidding around... How's wally world treating you??? good I hope keep em coming sister!

KB said...

Tanya, I can totally agree with your statement about making it through the world today takes everything you've got, as I feel the same way!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog and thanks for the nice compliments. It sounds like you and your sister are really close. That's so cool I envy that. My sister and I are 8 years apart. I love her dearly but we aren't very close.


Trace said...

Bossa Video, my i hep you?

Where are you?? I misses your bloggin' Yo!