Monday, April 11, 2005

I saw this cool new survey with a twist on Bentes' blog (see link on sidebar) and thought hey that is neat I think I will try it out, that was a few days ago but I finally got around to it (which means in Tanya language that there is work to be done and I am procrastinating.....)
Step 1:Pick a band or singer
Step 2:Answer the following questions about yourself, using only titles of songs by the band/singer
Step 3:Post

Band/singer of choice: Green Day
Are you male or femle? she
Describe yourself: scattered/worry rock
How do some people feel about you? rock and roll girlfriend/ brat
How do you feel about yourself? whatsername/basketcase
Describe your worst ex: burnout/reject
Describe your current significant other: king for a day/best thing in town
Describe what you want to be: extraordinary girl
Describe your current mood: boulevard of broken dreams
Describe your friends: welcome to paradise/sick of me
Share a few words of wisdom:fashion victim=misery/nice guys finish last

Wow I think that is pretty neat the slashes are just because there are so many good green-day songs that I thought I should share plus they all sound so cool and I wanted to use songs from all 9 of their EP's so there you have my life in a green day nut shell I recommend you try this at home I think elvis or the guess who would work good too...


Bente said...

Yes, Green Day worked very well. I used OLP because it's the only band I had enough cd's to look at (well the only one that wasn't too embarassing *cough* Backstreet Boys *cough*, what can I say my cd's aren't up to date)...I didn't think to look up any other bands on the net till I was already done. Elvis could definitly be an interesting one though.

Bente said...

Hey do you know someone in Singapore, I only ask because I looked at my statistics and I had a visitor from Sinapore that came from your site. I've had visitors from places like that before, but they usually come from a random blog, not someone I know. It's not really important, just interesting.

Tania said...

hey bente, I never thought about the whole net thing either guess there are unlimited bands to chose from...and it would have taken less time I am sure, nope I don't know anyone from singapore but my friend Rob has been around the world and I think I may be linked to his blog?? donknow...

Bente said...

Hey Tanya. I found this site that does these quiz type things, anyway, this was seems right up your alley...