Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just got home from another busy day at school, which was attended with a little bit of a hangover which never really makes the day any shorter or the clock tick with the silence you are hoping but now I can rest up for work tonight...yay!

Mark got home last night and when I got off the bus he was waiting to surprise me and we went for a few drinks which somehow (i am told it is a eastcoaster thing...) never is a couple so I got home early this morning and got ready for school a few hours later..

I had to write a book for my english lit. class it was a childrens book that I think came out really well, I read it to mark this morning and told him I wanted his honest opinion, he asked me "really you want my honest opinion" in this serious tone that gave me butterflies and made me rethink my thought hhhmmm he is actually going too eepp! but then he smiled and said i should publish it so honesty or not it was the answer I wanted !!!

gotta run


Trace said...

I'll be expecting an advance copy!

Miss ya Bossa

Bente said...

I'm sure Elli would love to read your book & she would like an autographed, hard cover copy someday!

Jenn said...

publish publish publish.. and send me a cpoy.. i can give you some great places to send it and how to write a qerry letter so that you will be considered before they even read the book.