Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I went to the movies last night, really wanted to see Star Wars but there are a lot of people out there that just don't know anything about the story and so their interest was just not enough to fork out the dough, so instead Mark and I are going today... It was cheap night at the already cheap theatre last night so suzie and I went to see "Millon Dollar Baby"

I was not warned enough at just how intense this film was, I thought since I had seen so many trailers and clips at awards shows that I knew the story and to tell the truth I wasn't that "into" going but holy crap this movie was not at all what I thought I knew and emotional is an understatement...the whole theatre was locked in this little dance of sniff, sniff, blow wipe, sniff, sniff stop deep breath and lets go again.. you get the gist. I think alot of it had to do with the fact that Morgan Freeman narrates the movie and his voice could make any story just sort of sound more profound and worthy I think if I had a movie of my life I would need Morgan Freemans voice walking everyone through, making me sound just a bit more interesting than I really am. Not that this story was not interesting...he just makes it all come together and you sort of understand where everyone stands because of his narration.

I of course did what I always do when I come home from seeing a good movie, I look it up on IMdB (Internet Movie DataBase) just to check interesting facts and bloopers and such. I know this fact may rank me in the geek category but as far as that goes Mark says I have belonged there my whole life with my knowledge of starwars and such....oh well
So anyways there were a few interesting factoids to think about after you see the movie...

  • Sandra Bullock read the story and wanted to play the lead but by the time she got a studio interested in the movie she had another commitment (miss congeniality 2..too bad for her)
  • The part of the little girl in the truck that Hilarys charactor is smiling at is Clint Eastwoods little girl Morgan Eastwood
  • During Filming Hilary contracted a bacterail Infection on her foot that got so bad she almost had to be hospitalized for three weeks instead of telling Eastwood or the producers she took time off because she felt it wouldn't be in charactor to complain

Cool eh??

later T


Amy said...

Very cool factoids, nerd!

I hear you about the emo quality of this movie. It was mental breakdown insane heartbreaking. I did think it was really good, but what a DOWNER eh?

Penny said...

I wasn't sure if I was going to see Million Dollar Baby, but sure am now. And, I love Morgan Freeman's voice, too!