Thursday, May 26, 2005

I went for a walk today to the Glenmore Park to take advantage of the beautiful day, got a few nice pictures of the area and even managed to work off some --i had a few days off and ate my head off-- weight as in less than one month I do have a bridesmaid dress to fit into....uuggg
so check out the pics--
This is the main resevoir (sp?) it is pretty cool, you see the little waterways that is where mark and I go canoeing
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This is the bridge overlooking the resevoir
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And this is the little lake that i dip my feet into after the trek as most of it is uphill (both ways..ha ha)
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Bente said...

Wow, what a nice spot!

Pikkel Weezel said...

Yea, nice spot til he dipped his stankin feet in it, for god's sake, it's a water reservoir, keep your stankin feet out of it!

Tania said...

one... I am a girl not a he and is not attached to the reservoir part directly plus the water doesn't go directly from the reservoir to your tap!!

Penny said...


That looks like a nice spot! I used to have a 17 foot fibreglass canoe when I lived in BC. I miss it!