Monday, May 02, 2005

what a frustrating day...trying to get all this housecleaning stuff done but during some major lapse in brain activity I ordered the newspaper on friday (for daily delivery) and while i love to read the paper daily and since school is done (yay!!) for the semester I thought I needed to keep the ol' mind sharp but instead it has added a ton (well nearly) of newfound mess in the living room, like some sprawling octupus of newsprint it stretches from one end clear across to the other mostly because i don't read it all at once but haven't written in awhile but here is some stuff that has been happening around this joint:
--did the final exam thing, and got wait for "A" in math yep that is right folks me!!, got a B+in french and an A- in childrens not too bad for an old timer..
--Mark and I bought a new couch and loveseat, I say new because it is brand new but not new like it is replacing something old cause it is the first time we've had one so this is a double yay!!
--went to see "sin city" and I think that may be a post all it own, the way it was shot was crazy in a good way the violence pretty intense and the cast really good but still something missing just not sure what it is.....hhmmm
--spring was here for two whole weeks broke out the capris the light jacket the short sleeve shirts, and whammo winter decided it wasn't quite done with us so now we are back to snowy mornings and cold nights, bummer
Well i guess that is all for now i have more but they deserve full posts and i am sleepy

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Bente said...

Hey Tanya! Glad I can comment, I couldn't on the phone one for some reason...couldn't even read the ones other people left. Good job on your exams! What are you studying to be?