Thursday, May 05, 2005

I have been tagged by Bentes so I guess in true tag fashion I better do this eh...

Turds in the punch bowl
left by a wee little mole
Turds in the punch bowl
shhh..don't tell a soul!

kindof stupid (my poem not the tag thing) it is hard to come up with things that go with turds in a punch bowl because I think that would kindof suck and ruin the whole punch thing for me... but it was fun to be tagged I don't know if I am supposed to tag other people or what just kindof jumped ahead on the poem thing....

1 comment:

Bente said...

Good work Tanya. I have to disagree and say the tag thing is kinda stupid, but it was my first so I participated. You are meant to tag three others, but putting an end to the turd probably isn't the worst thing.