Saturday, July 30, 2005

Spelling Bee....

I can't spell
Now i know I have spelt these words okay, but iwhat i mean is that my writing is all dependent on what words I can and cannot spell, if i want to say something sometimes I have to take the long way around the written conversation to use the word in different tense because i cannot for the life of me think of how to spell the one i really want to use....and that sucks

So then my writing comes out all long and in a depth i never set out to go to just to explain myself. When i was in grade three my mom and my teacher forced me to do extra work everyday after class just so i could grasp the whole spelling thing but it just never really caught on. I say forced because I remember a lot of whining and a lot of pencil throwing on my part. i do have a good memory so that is a bonus but if it is a new word there is no chance i can think of how it would look....

wierd thing is I have gotten mostly A's in english my whole life and I have won a Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition and a School district one as well....all very strange.... not sure why i just thought i would share this little Tanya tidbit..


Bente said...

I have the same problem with spelling and have to check several words beore I publish most of my posts.

Mary Z. Cox/A Secret Life of Banjo said...

Enjoyed your blog. How did you put the streaming music on your blog? I can't seem to find that in the directions.
Thanks so much for your help.
Best wishes,
Mary Z. Cox

Jenn said...

tanya i HATE that I can't spell, and all these years I thought you did it with ease.
How did you get the music to go along with your blog( good choice by the way very tan)
I miss you babe. I hope things are well. I haven't stopped thinking about you since yor phone call yesterday.
Call some time this week, or I can call you when ever your don't work. Let me know so we can have an update chat!

jennifer said...

you a pencil thrower? i don't believe it!
i think you write really well - never noticed the spelling thing.
and yeah, i like joaquin too.

Amy said...

LOVE le musique on the blog! who the hell needs spelling when you know how to get that on there?