Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I've been tagged........

10 years ago: I was 16 years old I was just in my first week of grade eleven and my boyfriend at the time Jamie Drew had just broken up with me for a grade ten chick. ( actually i know her she is Kelly and she was really nice but at 16 who thinks rational thoughts??) I was upset I didn't want to face him in the hallways and I just wanted to crawl under a rock mostly because I had cried so hard (in front of him ) when he did it and think that was breaking some golden breakup rule. I was also getting over having my wisdom teeth out and the swelling had yet to fully go down...yay school pictures:)

5 years ago: I was living in Truro with my best bud Jenn across the street from another best bud Jenn but away from another best bud Jenn (confused yet??) I was having the time of my life I didn't need sleep unless it was during class!! and I somehow could go to bar every night for 15cent draft and still pull an A average it was sweet we had two guys Mark and Phil (not my mark) that we did everything with they were like our Chandler and Joey well maybe a little more like Ross! and life seemed like it would always be that easy. I remember waking from a wild night and looking around the living room the damage was plenty i went to Jenns room and woke her "what happened?" I asked she opened her eyes long enough to shoot daggers at me rolled over and mumbled "you happened" ....oh okay then:)

Yesterday: I came home from work around 5pm and had the worst headache I have every had even thinking about making supper was making me want to die. Suzy called just when I was thinking these rash thoughts and told me she made me supper!! yay suzy I layed on her couch and ate yummy dinner then i watched Oprah and came home, talked to mark and went to bed wishing i didn't have to work today but I did...crap

5 snacks I enjoy: apple pie and ice-cream
pizza hut pizza yes a snack
my moms well just about anything chocolate ball, lemon squares, fudge....
cheese doritos zesty

5 songs I know all the words to: madonna immaculate collection, paul simons greatest hits, lots of elvis, lots of greenday, Bare Naked Ladies (Gordon) but some i know the words if the song starts it is the getting started that takes a little nudge..

5 Things i would do with a million dollars: buy a house, buy a car, buy my parents a truck, buy my sister a house, and do a "little" shopping in LA like pretty woman i would even bring a soundtrack to play as i tried outfits on!!

5 places i would run away too: Nova Scotia around Bridgewater, Ireland just to check it out, Sicily to check out the oceans...Ontario to see my family:) and someplace warm.

5 things i would never wear: black hair, spandex anything, acidwash, neon suspenders oh what i did where those once!! mostly just tight tight clothes in general

5 shows I watch: The O.C!!, One Tree Hill, Greys Anatomy, ER, and pretty much anything on TLC

5 Bad Habits: Not blogging enough, spending too much money on silly things, butting in when others are talking, watching too much T.V, wanting what I don't have when what I do is just not that bad....

5 biggest Joys: seeing my family, when Mark comes home from a long trip, getting paid, when you can make a difference in someones day, dancing.:) oh and seeing my friends too!!

5 Fave Toys: board games, the computer, Marks xbox trival pursuit game, my camera... my video camera...stretching it a bit here.....

Okay I finally finished didn't realize how tough it is to think about these wierd things now I tag...Jenn (out our way) and my sister (since I think she may have been tagged already but she didn't do it yet.....)


jennifer said...

great post tanya - love your "ten years ago..." - and your "5 years ago...you wild gal you"!

Jenn said...

yippee skippy i have been tagged now i have to get my butt in gear and actually write my post.. i've been a slacker.
love you!

Amy said...

"you happened" is about the best line I have heard in a long time.

Great post, Tan.