Friday, September 30, 2005

Just not there.....Yet!!

I saw a sign outside a hairsalon on my way home from work today

Rave Hair and Nail Studio
Specializing in... Ladies Cuts, Full Foils, Mens Cuts, Highlights,
Spiral Perms, Color, Nail Decals, Brow tinting, Jerrys Curls...

Hhhmmm who is this "Jerry" person and what is so special about their curls that they are specializd in... would i walk in and request to have "Jerrys" curls ??? oh yeah and do people still get spiral perms???



Trace said...

i have always wanted juicy curls...maybe Jerry would be willing to give me his? or hers? That is definitely something we can do when I visit!

Trace said...

hey slacker!

update already.
love ya miss ya