Friday, November 04, 2005

Baby News..

well Mark and I went for the first ultrasound yesterday which was exciting but a little like some ancient form of torture that I don't want to go through again any time soon. What is it with doctors and their need to make their patients wait around I can see you are double booking but come on you still do that with crazy pregnant women with full bladders that are ready to pee all over the floor with the slightest movement that is just mean!! And then the tech comes out and thinks that it is possible for me to empty my bladder just a cup!! hello lady as soon as my butt hits the seat i am going for as long as i can... turns out i was provided a cup and I guess I wanted to see the picture more than I wanted to pee so it all worked out!! We chose to find out the sex, which was exciting but she said she wasn't 100% and now i am all deep thinking that it won't be that and I don't want to show disapointment and I am wondering if my thoughts are this "Intuition" thing and well I guess you can tell I am reading WAY too many books and I most likely can't sleep because even though it doesn't work too good I still can't turn my brain off...i guess i am my mothers daughter!! so all in all it was a great day and we are looking forward to welcoming our little bambino... and I am almost 1/2 way there!! yay


Graham Jones said...

Brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

oh tan you got through the first ultra sound congrats...
and ummmm i need more details on this sex of the baby thing.. did mark get to go????
and oh i love you so much
i am crying by the way
will call you sunday, have a workshop tomorow!!!!!
Love ya's give your belly a rub for me!
lotsa love
Jenn, colin and greg.

Bente said...

That's not faaaiiiirrrr. Don't we get to know the sex? This will drive me CRAZY for the next four and a half months...

Amy said...

Oh the pain of the bladder you poor, poor thing!

But. I have to say they may have something there, because it is just a lil taste of the pain that may come.

Not to freak you out. But.

jennifer said...

oh yeah - that first ultrasound is too much. at least with the next one you don't have to have such a full bladder. mind you a full bladder when you are 8 months preggers is approx. 2 thimbles of water.
are you revealing the sex? or surprise?

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