Sunday, October 30, 2005

I have been a little lazy.....

Okay Okay I haven't posted in a really long time, just one of those things I guess i was busy with work and just got into my little routine that sucked up all of my time but I am vowing from here on in that I will be back on the blogger wagon..

So In other news I am pregnant!....yup we are expecting our first little bambino, and I guess that will serve as part of my excuse for not being on the computer... I had the worst morning sickness for a good month and then just didn't want to do anything else but sleep, so good thing I am getting a little more used to this lack of energy thing! I am so used to going to bed before 8 that I am not even missing all my shows (well not totally). One thing I do have to mention is that the little critter seems to be taking all my brain cells and then some, I have to write everything down and even then I have to try to remember where I put the lists:)

In the last week I have spoiled milk from leaving it out all day, started a fire in the bathroom, and wore mismatched socks three days in row because i couldn't find the pairs...can it get better than this!!

I am going for my first ultrasound on Thursday hopefully everything is going well and I can't wait to see the little guy/girl!

I will keep you all posted....on that and my exciting life..ha ha


Bente said...

Oh my god!! Congratulations to both of you! How far along are you?

It's actually a fact that you lose some of your brain capacity while pregnant, so don't stress over that one.

I'm so excited for you! I wonder if our babies will be born around the same time...

Jill Cochrane said...

Hey Tanya,

It has been so long since I had a look at your blog...but I decided to check it today...much to my surprise! Congratulations & best wishes to you both!

Jill :)

Amy said...

I finally get to say it to you! Whooppeeee! This is going to be one cute bambino.
About the brain cells. Get used to it, hon. It doesn't really get any better, eva. But It is SO WORTH IT.

jennifer said...

congrats tanya!!!!
so happy for you!