Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gone Batty.....

Well Nolan survived his first Halloween, he actually loved every minute of it... His job was to hand out the candy and of course look cute:)
We got all dressed up and went to Lisa's (marks bestfriend corys sisters house) her husband was working (he is a police officer) so Cory and Suzy, Nolan and I offered to hand out the candy so she could take her girls Trick or treating... what a fun night!
We saw lots of great costumes and had some fun with the kids at the door, they really freak out when they say trick or treat and I would say "okay do a trick" "You have to work for your candy" and they would just stare and one little boy was really worried i think that he thought he wouldn't get any candy... but I gave in and I think in that moment of sheer geekness I realized my mom rubbed off more than i would like to admit sometimes.... (love ya mom)
so check out the pictures and be sure to send me pics of your little goblins, ghosts and ghouls....
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Anonymous said...

Nolan is soooo cute! and p.s. your Mom and Mark were right about the swimsuit thing...Who really cares!!

Glad to see you updating again, although Auntie Tracy is pretty good about keeping me updated with pics of the little man! Glad to hear all is going so well!