Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 More Sleeps!!

Only Ten more sleeps and we are heading to Ontario for Christmas!! Really excited as you can tell, I just can't wait for my moms cooking and my dads laugh and my sisters hugs...yay! Plus I will be meeting my sisters boyfriend for the first time so that is good, I mean I have to pull the little sister card and I only have ten days to compile my full list of all things embarrassing to mention, drop in conversations etc etc...kidding you think?

So this will be Nolans first Christmas which I think we are all looking forward too, it is so different when you have babies to buy for again, I think the whole famdamily is buying toys.... I am just wondering if they all realize I have to fly home again? It should be good and yes Mark is actually going on Vacation with me, so he will finally get to relax and I can finally enjoy a guilt free trip... wait a second i do that anyway!!

We were not going to decorate the house at all for Christmas since we won't be there, but then we were invited over to help Cory and Suzie decorate their tree and when we got home I was sitting in the living room just thinking, I started to speak and Mark interupted "you want me to get out all the christmas stuff right?" uuummm yup, so now we have our tree up and all snazzy! I mean we needed a holder for our gifts right?? So that is that
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Anonymous said...

I am so excited you'll be spending holiday's with your fam. I am also very excited about NOlan enjoying his first christmas! can not wait to see him playing in bliss of toys and paper.
I have something here for him but will wait till you return home to send it so that you get it.
Love you and happy holidays!

Trace said...

CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!