Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mommy and Me

Nolan and I started swimming lessons yesterday!! What a hoot it was so fun, he loved every minute of it, i just couldn't get the smile off my face watching him splash and laugh and blow bubbles... we had to dunk them and he came up smiling:)
I was super excited for this class ever since i joined us up a month back, until of the course the day of the lesson when i suddenly realized that "swimming" meant the dreaded....bathing suit aaaahhhhh so i thought of ways i could go in the pool fully dressed and somehow not look silly...
1. I forgot my bathing suit and would you really deny this face a swim while holding up Nolan...
2. I have an illness that requires i wear my jeans and hoodie at all times...mental illness well maybe!
3. Oops i tripped in the pool, oh well i am here now what is the point in changing??

but then i thought who cares (actually my mom and mark thought this...) so i went anyway and it was fun and i am pretty sure not one person even looked at me!! ( i mean who would when i have the lil guy in my arms??) so it was fun and we have our next class tomorrow!


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Mama J said...

Oh tan you and the little devil went in a pool .. oh my heart attack has already begun. Actually greg starts this winter.
Good on ya for braving the suit, I am sure you look fab, your little accesory mad e it all possible huh( nolan)
Oh I am so proud of him, what a little swimygan( don't know what that is) oh I love you both!