Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well hi there....

Hello All
Well yes it has been awhile, i have been busy doing god knows what..just things i guess
and everyday i check everyones blog and curse at you all for not updating so I in all my busyness have something to read and then I realize that i am even cursing at myself because everytime i click on my own it is the same old stuff too!!

Well here it is October and I had so many things happen this summer that you would think i would try to find the time to blog it down to share. Nolan and I went on a long Vacation here is a quick recap
July15-28 Cape Breton-- Had a blast got to introduce Nolan to everyone in marks family which was great, they had a big party for us and we had lots of quality time with his Nanny, Grammy, Poppy, and Grampy he loved all the attention and was sad to leave his Auntie who spent all there time kissing and hugging and taking care of him..
July28-Aug 6 Halifax-- Great time I went to JoAnns wedding, and saw all my friends and went swimming and Nolan got babysat by Jenn (she is due today!!) to give her and her husband some practice! we got lots of great gifts and Nolan got tons of attention (which he loves!)
Aug6-Aug 9- New Brunswick-- WOW Nolan got lots of love here stayed with my Aunt and Uncle and they thought he was just great drove here with mom and dad and got to go to the states to shop and had a really great time
Aug9-11- Drove to Ontario-- Nolan was great, drive was great and we got to go swimming!
Aug 11-23 Ontario-- Nothing makes you miss your parents more than them being so great with your child and helping so much and being so cute and grandparent like... Nolan got to meet lots of extended family and his Great-Grandparents. gots tons of great gifts and had such a fantastic time with everyone. Tracy and I went to Canadas wonderland and felt like kids again on all the rides and mom and pat got to babysit which i think suited them just fine!

Aug 23- Home-- felt nice to get home and finally see mark who missed us like crazy all in all it was agreat trip!

So that was a little recap of the summer now i am up to date i won't feel so overwhelmed to blog it all so look forward to more enteries soon!!


Anonymous said...

Very quick and dirty post, but good recap...only one complaint. No pictures of the little bean. I think you should take one in his new room so I can see:)
love Jen McMillan

Mama J said...

ahh Tan I am glad you had so much fun. I have so much respect for you toting around teh little man..I don't think I could have ever done that. Your a supper MOM. It was so wonderful to hold him and kiss him and introduce him to Greg!
I love you and wishi could have gotten more time with you!
Love you!
Mama J

Amy said...

Tanya, sam still asks when will we ever see Nolan again?
And lucy said the other day,
"member Tracy's yittle fwiend Nowan?"