Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Happy New Year....

Okay So it is a little into the New Year but It is better late than never..
In the past month I have been quite busy and so I am just getting around to a New Years Blog.. whatcha gonna do eh?

We went to Ontario for Christmas, had a great time! Didn't get to see everyone but saw lots of family and friends and enjoyed a few relaxing nights at my parents with good food and good company.
Nolan had a blast he learned to climb stairs got totally spoiled and got tons of hugs and cuddles..he even had a night without his parents as Mark and I went to Niagra Falls with Tracy and A.J for the evening which was nice for all of us
I have yet to go back to work, but yes my mother is out here to babysit so that is of course a long sad story that just shows how much luck goes my way (none....)
I got taken by an internet company that promised to make me money....stupid on my part yes but hey I am a dreamer..
I turned 28 and yet all i have to show for it is this saggy ass... ha ha just kidding all you moms of course I Have this lovely bouncy boy too!!!
Anyways I have to go jobhunting....until tomorrow (or the next day)
p.s who can resist seeing a christmas shot of Nolan.....

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Mrs. Wooden Nickels said...

He's a cutie! Love those cheeks!