Saturday, January 27, 2007

Smokin Hot..

Mark and I had a date night tonight.. So I put on my fancy heels, my new jeans and my slimming black shirt(black is slimming right??) but no, no really the title is not about me folks.. we went to see the movie SmokinAces and damn it was goooood stuff...

It was action packed, totally violent (but in that action movie kind of way where with the comedic timing you can actually laugh at someones death...weird and sad kind of but makes for a good movie)
So Mark and I are all into this flick and we are paying close attention because it is a five story all combined working on the same goal storyline that you really have to pay attention to and who comes on the screen as an FBI agent working the scene.....
First Clue--- Bedroom Eyes
Second Clue---Dusty Donovan
Third Clue---Desperate for Love a T.V movie with Christain Slater

Do you give up....

Okay yep Brian freaking Bloom I don't know where that guy has been but besides the strange I may have lost all my hair because it looks like I wear a wig head he is still Smokin those eyes...gotta love em..

Alright enough dream picking* for one night it was a good movie check it out!
*when i was little i used to think real hard about something and try to "dream Pick" like driving in the car I would think of a whole scenario that I would enjoy and then i would try to dream it that night so I wouldn't have nightmares...weird yes I never said i wasn't!!!

p.s check out link at top to watch movie trailer!!