Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hello, Well I have some movie news as i went to two movies yesterday....it was great I am such a Fanatic that when i have to go three weeks without catching a flick ( that's what i like to call it) it really upsets me. So first off i went to see Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke, it was pretty good suspensfull and all, but I had the whole (well almost) whole thing figured out and I don't think this was a really hard thing to do, the guy at the ticket wicket said... oh you'll never get it it will keep you guessing, however the overall mood from the crowd at the end, was that alot of us "got it"....

The next movie i was forced ( now with a liking for movies you may think this never happens) to go see was... Dawn of the Dead, forced because.... I hate scary movies they just seem like a total waste of time for me, i go i get scared out of mind and then i can't or won't sleep alone with the lights off for like 2 months, and/or i refuse to go upstairs alone and it almost (but not quite) ruins CSI for me because i get flashbacks while watching the autopsy.....grrr, but I must add to this.. IT WAS NOT SCARY!!! Yay it was funny, kindof gory but i don't mind blood and guts , overall just really funny, they had witty lines and the characters were really well developed, i mean they did stupid things ( like going to save a dog in a sea of dead cannabilistic zombies) but overall they were smart.... (that sarah polley she caught on right away)and they even had this macgyver sort of A-Team moment where they fixed up mall buses into wrecking machines...it was great ( i think i heard mark grumble during this kindof corny scene but i ignored him and kept on watching)
So that is movie news for this week, I hope to catch Jersey Girl with Ben Affleck, i know many think the Bennifer thing ruined him but i am and will continue to be a Ben groupie.... let me know if anyone has seen it... until next time, happy reading

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