Sunday, April 04, 2004

Well, my day turned out alot different than it began, I went to get groceries with my roommates, picking up veggies and treats stuff for the single life( as mark is still away) then i come home and who is in the shower but Mr. Mark so I guess my 36dollar and no real "meal" grocery order really won't cut it... He told me last night he would be gone another two to three weeks so here i was plugging along lonely and looking for a movie date when surprise...he came home YAY!! He was telling me about these really neat artifacts he saw while he was away, he had to work within these ancient "medicine wheels" if you don't know what they are i looked them up on the computer and tribes of indians( some 4500years ago) erected them out of stone and they are supposed to be used for buffalo fertility and to aid in the tribes crops etc.. really interesting , they are sacred and can't be touched so building a pipeline around them took some careful measurements but he said they were amazing( they look like starbursts with chains of different size rocks).... hmmmm all this archaeology in my own backyard really makes you think..
everyone is upstairs watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre and well... no thanks, even having it on in the same house is giving me this weird feeling, and they are playing it just loud enough so i just hear the screams and scary music....totally not fair. well i should go i have to get up early Mark got a picture of Guy Lafleur from a while back and i think i will go get it framed tomorrow in honor of the playoffs and that exciting Hockey being played on the television every night....blech....I mean Yippee....!!

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