Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hello, well another scattered blog, my computer is to blame really I just don't have much chance to blog in Cory and Suzies room, they go to bed early and sleep late so i grab a chance when i can.I was thinking about all the favorite movies and songs that were being blogged about lately and I thought i would add a little to that vibe....
My Fav Movies (in no order)
Dirty Dancing ( okay this is all time fav, it takes away any illness...)
Power of One
Indiana Jones ( yep all three)
Adventures in Babysitting
There goes my Baby (if i need a cry)
Dazed and Confused
Girls just wanna have Fun ( Sarah jessica captures how it feels to move to new schools every few years...when you have to say something about yourself but really can't think of much..with 60 eyes on ya)
The sure thing
Dogfight, running on empty,The thing called love...( really any river pheonix movie:))
and well i realized there are a ton more but it would take all day so....
to be continued

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