Thursday, May 06, 2004

Another snowy gross day in the neighbourhood, it was like the wicked spring teased us with her warm breeze, soft sounds and scents of wild flowers and is now laughing somewhere as we all freeze our noses off.....
So I said i would write some of my fav songs down to share, after beginning to really think about it i realized how long of a list it would be, like movies I love music (sometimes when something is going on serious in my life i try to think what song would be playing if it was made into a movie...really helps with happy and sad moments) so here is the beginning list of songs that "make me feel like dancin"

Big Bad Rappers..- Tracy Sloan and Jacqueline White ( ha ha it was really good)
Baby I'm a want you- Bread
Fire and Rain- James Taylor
Call me Al - Paul Simon
Too much time on my hands - Styx
if you want to be happy - Jimmy Soul
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Juvenile Delinquent - Frankie Lymon ( i don't think i spelled this right?)
Keep on lovin you - reo speedwagon
Somebody - depeche mode
Brian Wilson - BNL

hmm this list seems a little old i do like more modern songs but they don't always make my top list because they don't always make me feel like dancin but i will put in some more recent stuff on tomorrow continuation of the fab favs... have a great day all...

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