Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Hello again, trying to do the daily blog thing again, thought i would first and foremost mention that the flames have done it, they have taken a bitter, angry fast driving, no talking to strangers ( even when you are walking and say "goodmorning" to someone) town and made it a great friendly happy, hockey cheering talking to everyone under the sun town. Mark and I were discussing it yesterday how great it is to live here for this which made me happy since I have been sooo homesick lately. Everyone has flames flags on their cars and everyone wants them to win (secretly even Mark who has been a habs fan since birth...but sshhh) and the town is in a state of is great

I was reading amys blog and she has a link to one of her friends sites where you can play this kindof six degree thing with movies and their actors anyways it was great I played along for quite a while which did keep me from my daily walk, well that and the SNOW that I did not want to mention to everyone since it is crap and I cannot believe it is really here again but oh well. The movie thing is super, I was quite impressed with myself at first since Christian Slater and River are only two moves away from each other via Samantha Mathis but then the light failed and it took me some real thinking for the rest...

to continue but not complete my list of movies ( check back tomorrow I will do songs!!)
Gleaming the cube (bossa video may i hep you??)
Inventing the abbotts
say anything
Halloween ( ha ha ha do you really think a scary movie would make my list!!)
The little mermaid
James and the Giant peach

to be continued

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