Thursday, May 20, 2004

FLAME BROILED RED HOT (pretty good title eh?? I know I should write for the SUN)
Okay so the term "BandWagon Fan" is being thrown around here a lot lately which pretty much discribes most of Calgary.. all these somewhat Hockey Fans who for the better part of the last year have been watching, drinking,and discussing hockey but not really caring about any one team all that much, well maybe one team...( I know some "DIEHARDS" myself) but certainly not their own province I mean isn't the glory in Colorado, or Toronto or Philly for that matter??... but again Calgary has done it they have taken this uninterested town and turned them into a "cup crazy" place where 17th ave has been renamed the Red Mile and every car, every house window and every person dons some sort of Flame is wild and loud and I am totally into it!!! I have these "thunder sticks" with the C on it and I smack them around every game in hopes my excitement will give them the power to win(I mean that is what every fan thinks right??)so they have made it too the finals with my help and the hundreds of other people out there jumping into the wagon....every time they lose there are those few whose feet come close to climbing down but with every victory it is made up with the ten dozen or so who hop right on is not full yet folks join us!!!
Remember this may not be HISstory but it is MYstory....until next time!!

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