Saturday, May 29, 2004

Well I went to see TROY on tuesday and it was great, a real epic film I thought there was so much to see and for most of it I was on the edge of my seat, here are some fun facts,tidbits and exerpts (?) from the movie:(which is harder to do now almost a week later...)
-- It was unlike other "historical" movies where you know the story because so many people think so many different things happened and it may not actually be "history" but just a really good story that has lasted for thousands of years that prompted many a poet to use its passion for verse. In H.D's To helen she spoke of Helen like this curse that would not be truly beautiful until she was did the greeks and trojans just fight for an illusion of beauty??hmmm something to think about!!
-- Unlike most Hollywood movies they didn't have to make up love stories for most of the main cast, because all this love really was happening, it is said that Achilles really did fall in love with Polydora (although she was supposedly a slave girl)
-- In those days men had lovers or companions, with whom they would share everything and often times have intimate moments with, they didn't settle down until their thirties because they were always at war, so the men would keep each other company,so in Homers the iliad Patrocius was actually Achilles "companion" and not his cousin (perhaps this side explanation was too much for the writers,or viewers ???)
-- The little boy who went to get Achilles in the beginning real name is Jacob Smith he played Owen Salinger on Party of Five(i knew this useless information would come in handy some day) although he had lines his name in the credits was simply "messanger boy" i guess Achilles got it right when he said no one would remember his name!!??
-- In the real story by Homer Paris needed help at the end of the battle to kill Achilles...which is funny because Orlando Bloom played the best wimp ever and it should have kept to the story with him needing help(did you see how he griped Hectors leg??/ha ha
-- It is said that the reason Achilles can die with a single arrow to the back of the foot is because when he was an infant his mother could forsee his future and wanted him to be immortal so she held him by the ankle and dipped him into the Styx river praying to the gods for his everlasting life, this came true but she forgot that she was holding his ankle and this area would be his only mortal spot....
Well I guess that is all I can think of for now there are so many more neat little facts about this movie but I don't want to completly ruin it for those who have yet to see it, the iliad of course is long so it is so much more detailed but I think this movie really stuck close, and of course there is some naked Brad Pitt to enjoy as well...I think I may go see the "Day after tomorrow " this week I am such a sucker for big blockbuster movies....

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