Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hello everyone, this blog is dedicated to one of my past times that takes up really more than the normal just passing time past times, it is that of movie trailer watching, it used to be that I would check out the trailers once a month... if i had the time you know said casually but now for some unknown reason I watch them for hours then write them down and plan when I can go see them, which often never happens since you have to give your first born or vital body part to afford a movie around here but the trailers still see so much action.

The new Spiderman trailer shows some major charactor developments and really makes you wonder if the third installment will happen sooner than later as it seems lately the sequels are coming at closer intervals than normally, to save money? or too draw the crowds? or to ensure the cast and crew won't think they are selling out by hitting the big time and say last minute they feel for their career they can't or won't do the movie?? Which I think is so silly, I mean you are trying to tell me that they want to be unsuccessful or something (all of these thoughts come in wake of Sarah Polleys speech at the awards show, she tried to say that films should be about importance and not about selling out)(it was at this point that her big budget last film came to mind....hhhmmm sarah...)anyways back to spiderman it looks so good and i think that Harry might actually find out that spidey is his good friend Peter ohhh the plot thickens....( hey aim by the way i tell everyone about monty (spidey) and they love it..he is such an action star..)

ohh and I can forget the Bourne Supremacy it looks awsome, I can't wait it is so full of action and Jason Bourne kicks major butt, I think this may be Matt Damons best role, oops said that but forgot about Good Will Hunting gotta love the boston accent...anyways check them out they are great and these two movie trailers get two thumbs up...

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