Monday, June 07, 2004

I haven't blogged in awhile, and it is strange because I do have lots going on and always lots to say, but I guess just not enough time to put in all into readable enjoyable words. Here are a few things going on...

Game 7 tonight I really wish i could describe the hockey fever I mean I know that it is really something special and really something grand to be a part of, I just cannot get over the excitement it is nuts,had to work on Saturday during the game but Ian that I work with brought a T.V so we could sit and watch the game, I know nice job eh?..There were these crazy people in the parking lot that kept playing "In the Dome" over and over while playing air guiter and waving flags (didn't know there was guiter playing in rap did ya, yeah there isn't this is just the level of Cool these guys represented...)over and over wearing green hard hats and drinking colt 45 from a paper bag..(okay no colt 45 just trying to paint a better picture...ha ha)

I am going apartment hunting on Thursday, Suzie and I are driving to Edmonton to do a little hunting, I have made the apointments and called and got quotes etc.. so now I just have go look and try to find a dream house on budget, not so easy to do, I have such picky requirements...with everything I guess or at least that is what the sales people at Old Navy would say I was in there on Friday for like 3 hours... they just kept keeping change room number 6 open since i was going in, coming out, going in continueously...and I don't even like shopping!! My mother and sister are cringing right now as I am a little cranky in the Mall...(a little??) I just don't like people to walk with three feet of me, i don't like to be asked if i need help ( unless i need help then they should be right there...) and I don't like to wait in line...hmmm never really realized what a bag i am....self reflection point (be nicer at the mall)

Only 3 more weeks at work that is exciting, not because I like to be unemployed (actually it is the opposite) but because in three weeks I will be seeing my family and friends...yay yay yay.. I was talking to Miller today and it brought out all of my excitement that I have been trying to hide since three weeks is still along time and I still have to pack my whole apartment since I move four days after I get home from my trip...but talking to good friends always makes me miss them and listening to little Gregory girgle and goo makes me want to meet him so much more, and I have a feeling the Nanci baby syndrome may take over (otherwise known as Baby Hogger!!)

well that is all for now folks, not too exciting but still something going on..

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