Monday, June 21, 2004

Ahhhh Tanning, you know some people find this to be a really gross pastime they say that you get all orange and have a greater chance for cancerous outbreaks and in years to come to will be wrinkly and leather like but.... I really like going tanning, I mean I don't do it very often and I never seem to look orange I just like how when you are tanned it gives the illusion of a little less flabola on the ol' belly which I think is great and totally worth it, I must admit that I am really mostly just a fan of the laying quiet with nothing for like 10 minutes, I think the beds that i go to are really low quality because I have been going for a while and I am not really tanned, all of this started because Margesons bridesmaid dresses are a light yellow and I don't if I ever mentioned the color that doesn't look good on me... ha ha but I am so excited so it is all worth it....13 days and counting!!

So the reason that all of this tanning talk came up is because I am a blog surfer, I mean I just love reading what everyone has to say and so it is the perfect way to almost people watch without really letting anyone know you are there...I check out Amy's and then i go on to Brians (don't know who he is but he is a friend of Amys with lots of great things to say and he loves CSI and I didn't even have to watch 24 this season but got full details) then from there i check out Al's he writes a lot about his kids but from a male perspective and so it is great as well, and then on to David Hamiltons I must admit i first checked it out and then stayed because he is really hot, but besides that he is sooo funny...however he did blog on fake tanning and how utterly gross it is...tear... so that made me rethink my tanning..yup a complete stranger that i have never met made me rethink my tanning....wierd anyways good blogs check them out!!

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